Chicago contractor blacklisted by the World Bank still gets millions in work


After years of poor king salmon runs, renowned Kenai River sportfishing community adjusts (PDF)

How one cargo ship delay sends ripples through Alaska’s food supply chain (PDF)

More Alaskans are working more than one job, but still struggle to make ends meet (PDF)

As strike continues, ferry service stoppage has a big impact on coastal Alaska communities (PDF)

‘You can’t go anywhere to escape it’: In Coast Guard-heavy Kodiak, the federal government shutdown leaves a mark (PDF)

Anchorage usually loves warm weather, but this heat wave is something else (PDF)

‘Too much too quick’: Some Alaska business groups worry what Gov. Dunleavy budget vetoes will mean for state economy (PDF)

Rural Alaska communities rely on this program for air travel. Now it might be going away. (PDF)

‘A sinking feeling in my throat’: Iditarod mushers recount hours lost and freezing along the trail (PDF)

The November earthquake ‘put a shiver’ through the Anchorage housing market (PDF)

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker ends campaign for re-election, backs Mark Begich (PDF)

Want some CBD in your coffee? Marijuana-linked oil raises concerns among regulators (PDF)

Here’s what low oil prices have done to Alaska’s jobs picture (PDF)

Pricey internet and nostalgia keep Alaska video stores alive (PDF)

Sale of Alaska Dispatch News to Binkley group is approved by judge (PDF)

ConocoPhillips cracks open giant petroleum reserve on Alaska’s North Slope (PDF)

A South Addition resident managed to save a historic house by moving it a block over (PDF)

Hiring seafood workers in Bristol Bay has been tough for years. This summer, it’s even worse. (PDF)

As 2020 census nears, groups work to ensure accurate numbers in hard-to-count Alaska (PDF)

You’re heard of fire sales. Now Anchorage stores are having earthquake sales. (PDF)

Alaska: Where struggling chain outlets make their last stand (PDF)

Another prank retail sign has popped up in Anchorage, this time for Tesla (PDF)

Identity matters: Will Alaska’s cannabis entrepreneurs sell ‘marijuana,’ ‘ganja,’ or ‘pot’? (PDF)

Smoking and networking at Anchorage’s marijuana social club (PDF)

The name is hagfish, but you can call it a slime eel: Meet a new Alaska fishery (PDF)

Anchorage restaurants make room on menus for new ‘plant-based’ burgers (PDF)

Inside Alaska’s most epic garage sale (PDF)

Alaska Airlines apologizes, removes ‘Meet our Eskimo’ from website (PDF)


Why Seattle is tough soil to grow a biotech (PDF)

Home is where the highest bidder lives (PDF)

Tech’s dark secret: Depression in the startup community (PDF)


Seniors seek help over skyrocketing mobile home park rents as parks shift to corporate management

This Huntington Beach school district might do away with its racial integration plan

Those who can afford to buy, but don’t: Ultra-luxury renters

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