Chicago contractor blacklisted by the World Bank still gets millions in work


More Alaskans are working more than one job, but still struggle to make ends meet

Rural Alaska communities rely on this program for air travel. Now it might be going away.

Here’s what low oil prices have done to Alaska’s job picture

Pricey internet and nostalgia keep Alaska video stores alive

Alaska Dispatch News bankruptcy sheds light on distressed company’s finances

Amazon Prime eases rural Alaska’s pricey shipping woes

ConocoPhillips cracks open giant petroleum reserve on Alaska’s North Slope

Alaska Republican Party formally pulls support from 3 of its own

Faced with changing fashion tastes, Anchorage furriers adapt to survive

Craft beer, air cargo and new business: Looking beyond oil in Alaska’s future economy

Hiring seafood workers in Bristol Bay has been tough for years. This summer, it’s even worse.

Alaska: Where struggling chain outlets make their last stand

Uber and Lyft are starting operations in Alaska. Here’s everything you need to know.

Here are the 20 Anchorage marijuana shops closest to opening

Commercial marijuana is almost here, and Alaska’s government is feeling the strain

Identity matters: Will Alaska’s cannabis entrepreneurs sell ‘marijuana,’ ‘ganja,’ or ‘pot’?

Smoking and networking at Anchorage’s marijuana social club

A California developer is buying up land in Seldovia, leaving some locals concerned

Governor, industry support group clash over state job numbers amid hiring freeze

Port of Nome sees big growth as traversing the Arctic gets easier

I would fly 500 miles and I would earn 500 more: Meet Alaska’s frequent flier die-hards

Purchase of Alaska newspapers the first major move for Fairbanks foundation

Kenai Peninsula’s only strip club has an unlikely landlord: the state

Inside Alaska’s most epic garage sale

Alaska Airlines apologizes, removes ‘Meet our Eskimo’ from website


Why Seattle is tough soil to grow a biotech

Home is where the highest bidder lives

Ernst & Young award winner’s company goes bankrupt, forced to close after Medicare audit

Fred Hutch and its amazing spinoff machine

Providence lawsuit raises questions about Catholic health providers’ church pension plans

Seattle universities dump student health plans as insurance enrollment drops

Tech’s dark secret: Depression in the startup community

UW, WSU lack a key element in their plans to fix Washington’s doctor shortage: Money


Venice Beach’s historically African-American Oakwood neighborhood fights speedy development

L.A. considers regulating “shared economy” short-term rental businesses

The challenge of Venice Beach


Seniors seek help over skyrocketing mobile home park rents as parks shift to corporate management

This Huntington Beach school district might do away with its racial integration plan

Nonprofit uses small business program to empower Huntington Beach residents

Senior mobile home park residents protest change to allow families

Law-enforcement drones might hover over O.C.

Those who can afford to buy, but don’t: Ultra-luxury renters



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